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About Medicorehub

MedicoreHub is a collaborative community that provides healthcare professionals with a multimodal training platform for professional development towards vision 2030 SDGs. Through our platform, healthcare professionals cutting across different disciplines are able to hold text, audio and video conversations, conduct medical research and also engage in case analysis consequently enriching their knowledge, skills and understanding of the healthcare profession. In addition to that, they are able to access AI-based news articles and customized job opportunities/locum within their locality. Lastly, through our AI-based psychometric assessment tools, students are able to access a standardized tool that enable them in decision making with regards to determination of whether to join or advance careers in healthcare. On the same note, access to free and paid online courses contribute to a general holistic growth and development of healthcare professionals.


Connect, Network and interact with colleagues mentors and other medical professionals.


Access a wide range of free and paid online courses & learn using our AI-based news and psychometric assessments and AR/VR tools .


Scan personalized employment opportunities (locum/jobs) and reliable staffing for institutions .

Message From CEO / FOUNDER

We live in a fast-changing environment characterized by technological advancement and new information. The healthcare profession is one of the most important professions; the backbone of any the society. Medical professionals are expected to stay abreast with relevant industry developments and to be updated with new ways of rendering services and bettering the lives of the community. These improvements need to be sustained via constant conversations and training activities.

MedicoreHub is a healthcare training hub that brings together medical professionals; initiating conversations and developing healthcare careers through technology. Our platform through our team of abled engineers and professionals will guarantee you a 24/7 support system to facilitate healthcare case analysis via text, audio and video conversations, access to job opportunities and online courses offered by credible and accredited learning institutions and organizations. Our objective is to create value and raise funds for creating advanced training opportunities in the future.

Future plans to incorporate immersive technologies and development of Africa’s state of the art simulation center to enable healthcare professionals join other industry professionals such as military and aviation, in using artificial intelligence based modules in training, will disrupt training in the health industry. Use of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) will enable professionals to acquaint themselves with skills and knowledge otherwise expensive and unattainable in the real world. With time, even the most complicated surgery procedures will be simulated using advanced technology thereby reducing chances of failure.

Therefore, my appeal is, lets join hands and transform healthcare training in Africa to ensure that medical professionals keep up with the pace of innovation across the world. Let us together engineer futuristic healthcare training and career development towards vision 2030 SDGs.

Thank you,
Collin Kulang’a K.
CEO & Founder.